Actually many cats doesn’t need to be bathed as they are masters of cleaning and grooming. However, getting your kitten to be introduced to bath from small will help them accustomed to it. First few steps are very important to create a good feeling that bath is enjoyable and you are not trying to drown it.

Here’s some tips:

  • Before bath, comb his hair to remove any mats.
  • Make sure the water and room is warm.
  • Create a good or fun environment in the room, for eg. use some of his favorite toys.
  • Let him roam around the bath sink or water bowl to make him comfortable.
  • Play with the water or wet your hands and let him smell.
  • Slowly introduce him to the water by wetting his paws bit by bit, follow by lower part of the body (avoiding head area).
  • Use a damp towel (not too wet) to wipe his face or use hand to wipe his face.
  • Dry with a towel and put in a box to let himself dry up.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid putting shampoo on his head (use damp clothe to wipe will do).
  • Avoid pouring water on his head or on-top of his head.
  • Avoid water to goes into their ear as it’s prone to infection.
  • Avoid panicking or loud noise.

Things to prepare:

  • Cat shampoo or baby shampoo.
  • Towel to dry off.
  • Basin (if needed).
  • Cotton to clean your cat’s ears.
  • Towel to aid in washing your kittens (to imitate a mother’s tongue) or to wipe his face – optional.

Things to be aware off before bathing:

  • Make sure he’s old enough to receive a bath (8 weeks old and above or seek advice from vet if necessary).
  • Make sure he’s not just being vaccinated or de-flea (usually they need 3 – 5 days after or before).
  • Bath when he’s feeling calm.

Extra notes:

  • The kittens may likely lick himself all over after the wash. This is due to they feels that they don’t smells right after we have used our shampoo.
  • Wash kittens once a week in the beginning to make them accustomed to bath. Then slowly lessen the frequency to once every two weeks.
  • Reward your kittens after bath so he can associate it with a positive or good feelings.