While purebred cat lovers generally choose a breed that is similar to their personality, in Malaysia, many purebred cat owners are drawn to cats based on their looks.
From the sleek Siamese to the rough and tumble Maine Coon.
Below are some of the purebred cats found most often in Malaysia’s pet shop or as most owner’s choice.

This breed has been the most popular cat breed found in Malaysia’s pet shop or as most owner’s choice.
Persians are affectionate and loyal but need their long fur groomed every day.


Bengals are a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic cat.
The Asian Leopard Cat, much smaller than the Leopard, was crossed with Abyssinians, Egyptian Maus and American Shorthairs.
This exotic breed dates back to the 1870s. In 1941, the first documented pet leopard was recorded in Japan.
The Bengal became recognized as a breed in the 1970s.

American Shorthair

They were originally bred for hunting and thus are excellent hunters, have good health and are a quiet cats.
They make great family pets and are especially good with children.

Maine Coon

Not found as often in pet shop but still found as pet.
With their high intelligence, Maine Coons train easily.
They like to play fetch and sometimes exhibit dog-like behavior and actually get along with dogs and other pets. They are good with children.
Maine Coons, with their water-resistant fur, enjoy playing in water.
They can purr, but usually make sounds like chirping or trilling.
They are a hardy breed, able to endure a wide range in temperature.
Gentle and easy to handle, the Maine Coon makes an excellent family pet.


Not found as often in pet shop but still found as pet.
The Siamese is an extrovert and very talkative.
They are very active and can be independent, often bonding with one person. They are very playful and have charming ways about them. They are extremely intelligent and can be taught tricks easily.
They make wonderful pets.

Scottish Fold

Not found as often in pet shop but is now gaining popularity among Malaysians.
The Scottish Fold is a very affectionate, loyal cat that craves human companionship.
It is good with children and other pets and will adapt to any situation.
The Scottish Fold has a gentle voice, very much like its personality.
They like to sleep on their backs and often sit with legs stretched out and front paws resting on the belly.


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