Do you know that Malaysia has it’s very own breed of dog? and this breed is considered the rarest dog breed in the world. This breed is called Telomian or mostly known as ‘local dog’, ‘pariah dog’, ‘lasap gao’ (dirty dog) etc by local Malaysian.


  • Bred by orang asli (native people) to hunt vermin
  • Telomians developed an unusual climbing ability, as the Orang Asli built their houses on stilts
  • Discovered by the West in 1963, by anthropologist Dr Orville Elliot, who named the breed after the Telom River where he first found them


  • Blue tongue like chow-chow
  • Small breed with an elongated back
  • Short and smooth coat can be any shade of sable, with white and ticking


Keeping their energetic and active nature in mind, the Telomians require a high activity level. Lack of adequate exercise and activity would compel this breed to resort to destructive ways of entertaining themselves.

  • Apartment : at least two walks a day
  • Secured or fenced yard : allow them to run around freely or even engage in playing any kind of chasing games like ball fetching, catching etc, which these dogs enjoy a lot because of the prey driving instincts present in them.
  • Indoors : engage them with a variety of interactive toys to provide proper mental stimulation.

Things to note

  • Extremely intelligent and alert breeds
  • Have strong intuition of sensing any danger and warning their owner of the same
  • Rather than barking, they would let out a howl and growl
  • Great paw control which allow them to hold onto food, toys, open doors with great dexterity and excellent climbing skills
  • If socialized, they would emerge as a great family pet, companion to their master, displaying obedience, and loyalty, as well as the ability to please its owner in any way it can.

How to find one?

This type of dog is not commercially sold in local pet store. But many streets or stray dog may have been a mixed of this breed somehow and many of them is up for adoption. You may try to find them in animal shelters, such as below.



Telomian Dog