Do you know that there’s a Kucing Malaysia breed?

The Kucing Malaysia, or Piawaian Kucing Malaysia, is the first indigenous Malysian cat breed.
It has a conformation similar to the Tonkinese while its color is similar to the Ragdoll.
These cats have a white blaze on the face and muzzle and white markings on the colorpoint limbs.
It is recognized by the Malaysian Cat Club.


What is the origin of the Kucing Malaysia Cat?
The Kucing Malaysia is a relatively young breed and may still be evolving.
The idea for a cat breed from Malaysia came at the end of 1994.
The Kucing Malaysia owes its beginnings to Mrs. Alva Uddin, Board Member of the International World Body who maintains and regulates breed standards.
Malaysia Cat Club members are involved in the selective breeding project which targeted to get the perfect Kucing Malaysia by the year 2005.

Does the Kucing Malaysia make a good pet?
The Kucing Malaysia has a temperament very similar to the Bengal – loving and playful, a good family cat.

Does the Kucing Malaysia available to sell on pet shop in Malaysia?
Currently there’s been no Kucing Malaysia spotted in commercial pet store in Malaysia at the moment.
However, it made an official appearance in an event called “the Pet Lovers Fiesta” organised by Karlrush Catz Gallery and supported by Malaysia Cat Club (MCC) on Feb 2018.

Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Malaysia
Coat Type: short
Color: Siamese points, tortie, agouti, seal brown, blue, chocolate,
lilac, red, cream, all with white, white blaze on face and muzzle.
Temperament: loving and friendly

The ideal Kucing Malaysia or Malaysia Cat is a medium sized cat with medium boned muscular body. The main feature will be the egg shaped head and together with the openness of the eyes, should give the characteristic alert appearance of the breed.

Wide and rounded at the top with a good height and soft round lines. Full cheeks, medium long nose with medium strong chin. Profile showing a gentle convex curve giving an oval impression.

Medium sized, almond in shape with a good width set; giving an open alert expression. Color should be blue or blue green with bleu preferred.

Short and close lying, silky with nearly no undercoat.

Medium in size, slightly rounded tips with good width between. Flaring out a little and with a slight tilt forward.

Medium in length and broad chest, with good depth and strong muscle tone. High legs, medium to slender in size (more slender for females) with slightly oval paws.

Medium thick with a rounded tip, of medium length and up to the shoulder blades. Tail should be full colored.

All colors recognized in the Pointed patterns with white. A white blaze in the face and muzzle is desirable.


Kucing Malaysia Cat