During huge festivities in Malaysia such as the Chinese New Year (new year for Chinese), Thaipusam (new year for Indian) and Hari Raya (new year for Malay), many pet owners will take a long trip and board their pets in the pet hotels or boarding houses, for a few days or even weeks. Boarding houses usually will be fully booked and some even may increases their prices, hence be sure to book early.  Many boarding places in Malaysia have some general basic conditions such as :

  • pets must be fully vaccinated so to avoid infection from other pets in boarding houses (they might request you to show vaccination card).
  • pets must be free from flea/ticks to prevent from spreading to other boarded pets (some boarding might offer de-flea medicine at a cost).
  • pets must be healthy to prevent from spreading others.
  • they may not accept pets that are too young such as 2-4 months old as these are usually not fully vaccinated (in this case you may want to find a friend/colleague/private boarding house to see who may be able to help).

It’s also habitual for Malaysians to celebrate the day with one of the most compulsory things: fireworks. Don’t be surprised to hear fireworks going off or see them in the sky during the day or night. As for kids, you will see them lighting up sparklers, ground spinners, rocket-style Thunderclaps and others to welcome the celebration. however its not the same with pets. Loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms are discomforting for most cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, the fireworks aren’t always confined to just one day or a time either. Some neighbors may begin the celebration several days in advance and continue for days after the festive holiday mostly during midnight but at times during the day too.

If you spend the festive holiday with your pets at home, and they are afraid of the fireworks, try below tips to comfort them:

1. “Accustom your pet to loud noises early on when they are young. Bang pots and pans and then give your pet a treat,” suggests Tiffany Campbell, trainer with the Humane Society.

2. For older pets or anxiety-prone pets, give them a crate to hide in. Cover this den with a towel for added security.

3. Turn on the TV or radio or relaxing music to create ambient noise which will lessen the shock of sudden loud noises.

4. Speak calmly to your pet and offer soft massage. So do treats.

5. Try an anxiety wrap such as blankets, towels etc.

6. Close all windows and door, as well as curtain or blinds. If possible, keep your pets indoor.

7. Walk or play with your pets during the day, tired cats or dog will feel more relax in the evening.

8. For severe cases, visit nearest pets clinic or your veterinarian, and ask if your pet needs anti-anxiety medication for occasional use.

Fireworks might frighten cats. Photography ©lopurice | iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Prepare yourselves and your pets ahead of time is key. Anxiety in pets is stressful not only for the animal, but also for the owner. Make these holidays a true celebration where you and your pets can enjoy the evening.

Sample of therapy or relaxing music for your pets

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