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Getting Your First Cat

Bringing a New Adopted Cat Home

Before bringing a new adopted cat home, take into consideration: Where your cat came from? Was she staying in a...
September 30, 2018
Getting Your First Cat

Rescuing Your First Newborn Kitten

If you happened to see kittens without their mother, identify if they are truly being abandoned. Read tips here on...
September 19, 2018
Tips for Cats Lover

How To Tell When A Kitten Is Abandoned

Unlike human children, who are rarely without a parent in sight, kittens can be left alone for hours at a...
September 18, 2018
Pet's News

Little Zoo Cafe in Thailand

Located in Bangkok Thailand, this cafe houses not just normal cat or dog pets but also exotic animals like meerkat, raccoon,...
September 1, 2018
Pet's FaQ

Becareful What You Buy from Breeder

Be careful of the pets you bought from breeder, especially when the breeder doesn’t provide certificates, you may not get what...
August 22, 2018
Cat's Training & Excercise

How to Walk Your Cat in A Leash

Most housecats, given the opportunity, enjoy being outdoors. Living inside isn’t an entirely natural environment for felines. Unfortunately, letting him...
August 22, 2018
Cat's Training & Excercise

Introducing New Puppy Or Dog to Your Cat

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT COMPANION If you’re thinking of getting a dog for your cat, it’s important to consider...
August 22, 2018
Cat's Training & Excercise

Introducing a Second Cat or Pet to Your Cat

Another pet will require time, energy, expense and patience. So before bringing another pet home ask yourself, “Why do I want...
August 22, 2018
Cat's Training & Excercise

How To Train Your Cat Not To Bite

Your cat is biting for a reason. Try to understand why and find a way to change that behaviour. However...
August 20, 2018
Pet's FaQ

Importing Exotic Animal to Malaysia

Every country has different rules or law to own exotic animals, so you have to check whether it’s legal to...
March 16, 2018